Client Testimonials

I would like to say a huge thank to Watching Over You for changing my life and making me realise my true worth.

Mrs J.S


- Anxiety and depression

My Son came to Juliette. It made such a huge difference. He became much better at handling certain situations, which before he would never have got through.

She has been such a big support not just to our Son but to the whole family. She was always at the end of the phone when we were struggling.

Juliette saved our Sons life and she saved our family.


L.N  Leicester

- Abuse and addiction

After just one hour spent with Juliette my life changed.

I haven’t felt this good in 25 years.

No drugs, no self sabotaging and I have my relationship back.

Thank you for everything.

S. Kent

- Addiction

My stay at Watching Over You was exactly what I needed.

From the start of my stay I felt at ease and positive.

The first few days were a struggle but Juliettes approach was perfect and gave me the space I needed so that I could heal.

Then over the rest of the week I felt stronger more focused and for the first time in ages I felt happy and had more energy. The positivity from the household had definitely rubbed off on me.

Without your love care and round the clock support I wouldn’t be where I am today. Big changes have happened simply from being there and my issues dealt with in a way that was best for me.

Thank you so much for helping me to become the woman I am meant to be. Your strength, knowledge and understanding has really inspired me.

Mrs M.O


- Depression and addiction

I suffered from addictions, anxiety and depression for 25 years. I’d left a toxic relationship of 13 years and had reached my lowest and most suicidal point in my life. I stayed with Juliette for 2 weeks.

Her way of helping is miraculous. She made me feel worth saving, her approach to therapy worked wonders on my negative thinking. I was truly made to feel like a part of something wonderful and was shown what a non toxic happy family unit is like.

I made my piece with the past and can now say I love and respect myself. I feel reborn.

Thank you so much, my special friend for life.

Ms J C


- Addictions, anxiety & depression

Juliette succeeded where everyone else had failed.

In my opinion she is the best in her field. Her insight and compassion helped my Son almost immediately.

It has been a long rocky road for my Son and we had tried many others but to no avail.

It took three weeks at Watching Over You.

My Son is now moving forward with his life and has hope and ambition for the future.

Not only is he a changed man it has changed our life too.

We cannot thank her enough.

Mrs D  London

- The best

Dear Juliette,

I wanted to just say how extremely grateful I am of your support throughout the difficulties I’ve been going through in my life. You never judged me, you always give sound advice and some that I never did take on board, which later turned out to be the wrong decision and if i could turn the clock back and take that advice again, I would definitely have adhered to it.

I’m sure that I wouldn’t be here today, if it wasn’t for you. I was at such a low point in my life, I just couldn’t see a way forward and felt worthless and unloved, but you made me realise, that I am wanted, needed and loved and that stopped me doing something very stupid.

You are one amazing lady and anyone who comes into your life by choice or by chance, are embraced by you and the guidance you provide as a friend more than a therapist is something that makes you that much more special.

Once again a very BIG thank you x

- Abusive relationship

I don’t know where to begin. I was at the lowest point and had given up on life. After moving house, failed relationships (and in one which I knew was wrong), uncertainty, afraid and anxiety through the roof, to the point where I was so scared of going to bed. I could not relax. It was just too overpowering. I had just had enough and out of utter desperation my search led me to Juliette. I called and asked if she had space that day and she said yes! That was that! Straight in the car and as soon as I saw this lady I felt someone actually cared and wanted to help and had time for me. I reflect on my time at Juliettes with love. She showed me that it was okay to be me in fact it was more than okay and that I’m worth it! I was welcomed into their home as a friend and felt completely protected and part of their unit straight away. I cannot say how much I respect..admire and love this lady and to thank her for seeing my worth..I needed to protect myself from the negativity that surrounded me and be strong. I am finally changing and life has and continues to be positive. Juliette has given me the confidence to be myself and know my worth. I can’t thank her enough x

Ms C.W Surrey

- Anxiety and Depression

I was suffering from PTSD after being attacked and nearly lost my life. I went into depression with anxiety and I lost my relationship, my family and friends and then my job. When I rang, you took time to listen. After a few minutes I knew you were the one to help and I felt better straight away. You have magical healing powers. It’s a gift from God. Thank You.

- Mr W.S., Birmingham

Where do I start? What do I say? If you hadn’t picked me up when you did, I know for a fact I would not be here writing this letter. I would have killed myself.

I was so scared as I had never been anywhere on my own before. Juliette, you made me feel so at ease from the very beginning. You spoke to me as if we were friends and not like a doctor or anybody in your profession normally would. Just by your voice and the way you spoke calmed me. As you know I have a list of things wrong with me and have seen numerous medical people. Although the lady I see on a weekly basis is good, nobody has listened, cared, talked and helped me through these desperate times the way you have.

This has been one of the worst episodes I have had and looking back I really don’t know how I am still here. But I am and that’s thanks to you. You saved my life and helped me on my way out of this horrible time. The way we would talk and go through things was so effective, even though we were talking a lot of the time we weren’t just sat in one room. Walking along the beach, high street, out for lunch and even at the wildlife park you had been giving me therapy and me openly talking to you.

Staying with you has really touched me. Your home is lovely and the suite I have been staying in is so peaceful and relaxing. It is truly what people need when they are looking for help. You need to feel comfortable and safe and you have made it exactly that. And the food was so yummy.

I want you to know that you are my inspiration. I felt like we were friends right from the beginning. I am going to find it hard to leave, but I know I am going to be O.K. You gave me insight, understanding and the tools to help me cope with my bipolar.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I couldn’t have done this without you.

- Miss G.H., London

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