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Start your journey to recovery here.

Our proven success shows the commitment and support we give to all our clients. You can take comfort in knowing you will have one to one therapy throughout your stay. We provide a bespoke program to suit each individual.

Watching Over You aims to provide a 5* experience to each and every client, and we firmly believe that we are the finest luxury private rehab in Kent. Discreetly set in established gardens with your own private courtyard. Including full use of our gym and hot tub facilities. Watching Over You provides the perfect setting in which to relax and heal.

We feel that our seaside location in South East Kent provides an ideal therapeutic environment, with plenty of fresh air and a beautiful scenic coastline. Something as simple as a walk along the seafront can do wonders for the healing process.

Your stay in our luxury suite also includes all therapeutic treatments, meals, and transport to and from the airport or train station. See below for a complete list of what we have to offer.

What do we have to offer?

  • As much time as you need in our 5* luxury private rehab suite.
  • We treat individuals of any age from teens to older people.
  • A fantastic selection of home-cooked meals prepared to an excellent standard.
  • Various packages of therapeutic treatments and activities. Learn more about our therapies.
  • Many different trips and outings.
  • Gym and hot tub
  • Cookery and nutrition classes.
  • Executive transport to and from airports, docks, and train stations straight to our luxury private rehab in Kent provided by Kent Chauffeur.
  • Personal security can be provided at an extra cost. We want you to feel as safe as possible when staying with us.

Why choose private rehab?

There is no denying that treatment at a private rehab is lifesaving. Your chances of recovery are vastly increased and the longer you are able to stay, the greater the likelihood of long-term recovery.

There are some key benefits to attending rehab that are not accessible by other means. Aside from the professional and intensive therapies that are on offer, there are other benefits to attending a residential rehab that you may wish to consider:

  • Individualised programme to suit your needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all 12-step programme, for example.
  • One-to-one councelling provides you with all the personal attention you need.
  • A sense of connection with your therapist – you always know that there is someone to talk to when you feel vulnerable.
  • Much greater level of privacy.
  • Immediate admission.

Your health, well-being, and happiness are valuable things, and you cannot put a price on your life. Many people who suffer from a dependency spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds every month on it, and in the long term attending a private rehab to beat that dependency will save them much, much more.

Private rehab can be expensive, so it is helpful to have an idea of what to expect. Fees in the UK generally start at around £600-1,500 per day for residential admission, which includes therapy, accommodation, and food. Costs are reflective of the treatment the rehab offers, the location, the standard of accommodation, and the facilities available. When parting with your money, you want to be sure that this is the right rehab for you, and that you will be getting the best treatment for your money. We encourage you to read through our website to learn more about our luxury private rehab. In particular, we would like you to read what our clients say about us to help inform your decision.

It is also reassuring to know that there are financing options available (some detailed below) if you do not have the full fees up front. With the right finance in place, the cost of rehab becomes a lot less daunting!

You should also be aware of what will be required of you in order for your rehabilitation to be successful. Recovery requires 100% input from the individual. No amount of top-class treatment will work unless the individual is willing to engage in the treatment or take on board what is being suggested to them. Many people enter rehab with a certain skepticism only to have it completely turned around once they start working intensively with their therapist.

Treatment centres lay the foundation for a long and lasting recovery. You will put a lot of work into completing your treatment programme, and the continued success of that treatment relies on you maintaining that hard work afterwards. You get out what you put in and whether you believe it or not, you have the strength to overcome your problems and get better.

Financial assistance

  • Charitable Grants:

    From time to time, a charitable organisation will offer grants to those in need of help. They may be hard to come by, but they are one possibility when available.

  • Donations:

    lf you’re able to demonstrate to family and friends that you are committed to getting well, you might be surprised to find them willing to donate the money you need for treatment. They may give it to you as a gift or structure it as a personal loan.

  • Commercial Loans:

    Some clients who come to us have the financial history to secure a personal loan for treatment. Others enlist the help of family members or friends willing to take out commercial loans on their behalf.

  • Employers:

    In some cases, employers are willing to donate or loan the money needed for rehab if a worker is especially valuable to the company. It’s yet another option you can pursue.

  • Credit Cards:

    Although we typically recommend against it, a credit card account is a last resort method of financing. Nevertheless, you’ll have to be committed to paying off that credit card as soon as you get back to work, otherwise the interest could be damaging to your finances. Take care when considering credit cards as a method of payment, as financial pressure is the last thing you want hanging over you during your recovery.

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